COVID Information

Travel in the Covid Era

We have long provided a Traveler's Handbook with information about a wide variety of topics related to international group travel, including safety. Our commitment to preparation has only increased since the start of the pandemic. Ensuring safe travel during COVID is multi-faceted.

CETA Tours is in direct and frequent contact with our international vendors about the regulations regarding our groups. We also frequently check protocols for the destinations of our groups. 

  • Vaccination Recommended

    CETA Tours strongly recommends that all travelers be up to date on all vaccinations, including COVID-19, as advised by their doctor. 
  • Pre-Departure Documentation

    Should a destination require documentation (e.g. proof of vaccination, negative test, recent recovery, etc.), CETA Tours will advise tour participants of such documentation requirements. 
  • Local Protocols

    We will keep group leaders up-to-date on current regulations and protocols for their group. Travelers should be aware that these protocols are fluid and could include: masking, social distancing, and capacity limits for venues.
  • COVID Testing

    If during the course of the tour, a negative COVID test is required for a scheduled group activity, CETA Tours will arrange for the group to get tested (at their own expense) in a timely manner. 

    If a negative test is required for entry to a destination country, participants must arrange for such a test at their own expense. 

Travel Insurance Recommendation

CETA Tours has always highly recommended that travelers protect their travel investment by purchasing travel insurance. That is more important now more than ever.

  • Protection for COVID

    Travel Insurance provides benefits if a traveler if contracts COVID prior to departure and is unable to travel or if COVID is contracted during the tour.
  • Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) upgrade

    This additional upgrade covers 50% of the tour cost and is the only way to get coverage due to a travel ban or other non-illness/injury-related reasons. Coverage must be purchased within 15 days of CETA’s receipt of the deposit.  Find more details about travel insurance here.