Helpful FAQs

Helpful FAQs

Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about planning and preparing for adult group travel. If you have a question that you don't see here, please feel free to contact CETA Tours!

FAQ - For Adults

I would like to design my own itinerary. What do I need to do?

One of our experienced tour coordinators will work with you to help choose the itinerary that will work best for you and your group, based on what you want your travelers to see and do. Based on your feedback, our tour coordinators can make suggestions to enhance your itinerary by offering alternate routes, additional activities or new experiences.

To begin planning, go to Plan a Tour

What happens after I have accepted CETA Tours proposal?

Once your tour itinerary is finalized, CETA Tours creates custom, full-color brochures especially for your tour. A tour application is attached to each brochure, making it easy for people to join. Promotional flyers, designed to compliment your tour brochure, can be tailored to advertise an informational meeting or to direct people interested in learning more about the tour to contact you. CETA Tours sends a PowerPoint presentation for you to use at an informational meeting. The presentation covers all of the important information about what's included on the tour, as well as some pictures of cities and sights seen on the tour. If you plan on advertising in a newspaper, online or on the radio, CETA Tours can build an advertising budget into the tour price.

For more about tour preparation, see the CETA Experience page

What information does CETA Tours provide to help travelers prepare for their tour?

Each participant receives our Travelers' Handbook, which covers cultural, as well as practical information about the upcoming tour and provides resources so that your group is well prepared for international travel. CETA Tours is always just a phone call away if you or a member of your tour has questions about any aspect of the tour. Trip cancellation/interruption insurance is available for purchase from a licensed travel insurance agent. All participants receive flight schedules and hotel lists several weeks in advance of departure.

For more about tour preparation, see the CETA Experience page

What is CETA Tours payment schedule?

Our payments are spread out so that your students have time to earn the money they'll need to pay for their tour. Each participant receives an Acknowledgement of Deposit when we process their application, as well as reminders about upcoming payments. In order to keep tour costs as low as possible for all students, we do not accept credit cards. Any late payments or returned checks will incur a fee. Please refer to your tour brochure for your tour's specific payment schedule

For more about tour preparation, see our Payment Policies

What is CETA Tours cancellation policy?

If A Member of a Tour Group Must Cancel
All cancellations must be in writing (letter, email or fax). The post-mark or date stamp will be considered the valid date of cancellation. After enrollment, if someone should decide to cancel, the following penalties will apply. Penalties outlined below are in addition to any airfare penalties. Any eligible refund will be processed only after receipt of the written notice of cancellation and may take up to 15 business days to process.

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