Why Group Travel?

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Some personal benefits to organizing group travel are:

  • Traveling with like-minded people
  • Customizing a tour itinerary to fit your interests
  • Complimentary travel for you
  • Complimentary or pro-rated travel for your spouse
  • Earning a salary for leading the tour
  • Earning recruiting fees for promoting the tour

Successful adult tours have focused on:

  • A favorite country or region
  • Gardening
  • Food and Wine
  • Art
  • Eco-tourism
  • Family heritage / reunion
  • Religious heritage (Martin Luther, Pope Benedict XVI, John Wesley, etc.)

Adults who would like to travel with you may include your:

  • Friends and neighbors
  • Relatives
  • Colleagues and/or former colleagues
  • Church members
  • Acquaintances from activities such as sports leagues, community service organizations, clubs, etc.