Fundraising Policy

Fundraising Policy

CETA Tours' Fundraising Policy

CETA Tours' knows that many schools fundraise to help students offset the cost of the tour. We are glad to accept school checks for fundraising monies, however we have set the following guidelines to ensure that accounts are properly credited in a timely manner.

Invoices for Fundraising

If your school requires an invoice from CETA Tours in order to issue the fundraising check, please provide CETA with the following information:

  • Total amount
  • List of students and amount each is to be credited
  • Name and contact information for the person at your school who needs the invoice
  • Deadline by which your school needs the invoice

Even if you do not need us to invoice your school, we still need a list of students and amount each is to be credited. Please include this with your fundraising check.

Fundraising Payments on Final Financial Statement

In order for fundraising monies to appear as payment on the students' Final Financial Statement, CETA Tours must receive fundraising checks in our office by:

  • December 1 for spring groups (with March to mid-May departure)
  • February 1 for summer groups (with late May to July departure)

Fundraising Payments Received After Final Financial Statements Have Been Mailed

We understand that not all schools are able to get fundraising checks to our office prior to when CETA Tours mails out the final financial statement to students. If that is the case for your school, we ask that you tell your students and their parents to subtract the amount they will be credited from fundraising from the total amount due. In the case of overpayments due to students/parents not deducting the fundraising monies from the final amount due, CETA Tours will issue one check to your school for all students who have overpaid. A detailed accounting of each student's overpayment will be sent along with this check.
All fundraising checks must be received by the final payment deadline for your group:

  • January 15 for spring groups (with March to mid-May departure)
  • March 15 for summer groups (with late May to July departure)
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